I was born and raised in California but eventually found myself in Florida at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida. That is where I found my passion for becoming a chef. Though I enjoy cooking all different kinds of cuisines. Baking healthy breads with just a few simple ingredients became my passion.

Hi! My name is Brian and  I’m a brain injury survivor.  When I was four years old, my older sister and I were crossing the street.  We stopped to pick up my shoe, which had slipped off as we were hurrying to get across the street, and a car came barreling over a small hill at 40 miles an hour and hit me full on without stopping. It brings great satisfaction to hear your testimonials.

I was Life Flighted to Children’s Hospital and it was questionable whether I’d even survive for several weeks.  My family has told me that the doctors weren’t quite sure what to do to save my life; but save me they did.  After months of hospitalization and physical therapies I recuperated and adjusted to my new “normal”.

After suffering failure in countless jobs trying to fit in, I’ve finally realized my problem: I have frontal lobe processing issues which cause me to understand information a bit different than others. although with understanding things differently because of my limitations and disabilities, I’m determined to make an honest living providing folks with healthy, tasty bread that I make with my own recipes, with my own hands. I’m so grateful to be able to work and to provide this wonderful product. My wife Gale and I are grateful you’re reading this and are considering buying my bread.  Thank you for reading my story and remember, Mr. B’s Honey Bread is made fresh with real ingredients!  There’s nothing like it!!

1235 S. Gilbert Rd. #26, Mesa, AZ 85204