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Mr. B’s Honey Bread is delicious, melt-in-your-mouth heaven! Especially the cinnamon raisin. It goes great with butter, cream cheese, or you can make it into french toast. It’s natural and fresh and we love it! ~ The Perkins Family

Mr. B’s Honey Bread is so delicious! The Honey White melts in your mouth and is heavenly! It reminds me of soft Hawaiian rolls but shaped like bread slices to make scrumptious grilled cheese sandwiches or just enjoy as a slice with butter! Yum! – The Le Benz Family

Mr. B’s Honey Bread is the greatest! I had the Whole Wheat. Dense and moist. Very tasty. As a diabetic (8 years now) I was afraid that eating bread again would make my blood sugar would go up but not with Brian’s AZ Bread. Having two slices did NOT make my numbers sky rocket. I am grateful for his quality product. Its a miracle bread! – Lis

Mr. B’s Honey Bread is amazing! Tastes fresh and light. It’s the only bread in the house now. Any left over slices are made into the perfect croutons. His cinnamon raisin bread,it makes the best French toast!
You’ve got to try it! – Sheri

Mr. B’s Honey Bread is the only bread I can find that has the same quality, texture and consistency as though it just came out of the oven when you pull it out of the freezer. All other breads you buy in the store have 25+ ingredients but when it Mr. B’s Honey Bread, he only has five basic simple ingredients. – Brian

Mr. B’s Honey bread is such a Phenomenal bread that comes from simple ingredients so you can live your healthier life. –  Justin